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Surviving Armageddon: Solutions for a Threatened Planet

Buy Now! W.J. McGuire

Hardcover: 248 pages
Publisher: OUP Oxford (9 Jun 2005)
Language English
ISBN-10: 0192805711


What do earthquakes, magma, asteroid 1950DA, and global warming have in common? All are very real natural disasters, already under way; all are also the focus of intensive work by scientists, aimed at preventing, predicting, or at least limiting their impact on civilization.

Using the latest chilling data and taking care to draw a clear line between scientific fact and fiction, McGuire discusses the various ways that scientists have already started to prepare for survival.
Solutions on earth range from 'space reflectors' to prevent global warming, to pressure-relieving 'robot excavators' to stop volcanic eruptions. In space, NASA is developing rocket motors to gently nudge asteroids out of Earth's path, and plans to have all threatening asteroids larger than 1km detected by 2008, thereby enabling us to predict possible collisions up to 2880.

The book provides the strategies to the problems we face, and concludes optimistically with ways in which we can use technology to protect our society and planet from global catastrophe.


Surviving Armageddon is a somewhat boisterous romp. Read. And then have a strong drink. (Sir Crispin Tickell )

'a book that should be read by anyone who is concerned about the future of the world in which we all live' (Sir Patrick Moore, Times Higher Education Supplement )